Cleanroom Air Filtration


AAF pioneered many of the techniques and products used in cleanroom operations and processes. We understand the critical nature of contamination-controlled environments because our engineers are active in standardization committees worldwide and have played an active role in establishing new standards for cleanroom applications. We provide a full range of cleanroom air filtration products and systems including HEPA filters, ceiling modules, ceiling grids, and accessories.

AAF ceiling modules are specifically designed for optimum filter performance with lowest airflow resistance for use in both laminar and non-laminar flow Cleanroom Class 1 to Class 100,000. Each filter is factory scanned to ensure leak-free operation and guaranteed performance in accordance with customer specifications. Industries served include:

  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Biotech Labs
  • Food & Beverage Facilities
  • Micorelectronics Facilities
  • Semi-conductor Facilities
  • Optical Labs



Commercial and Industrial Air Filtration / AHU

AAF designs and manufactures a wide variety of products for removing airborne particulate in all types of air filtration and HVAC systems. Our products are marketed globally under AAF and AmericanAirFilter brands.

We offer the widest line of air filters from inexpensive disposable filters to extended surface filters with INTERSEPT® to mini-pleat filters used throughout industries such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Commercial buildings
  • Institutes
  • Sports Arenas
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Theatres
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities



Gas Turbines Compressors and Engines

For more than 60 years, AAF has been providing air intake filters and systems to prevent fouling, erosion and corrosion of internal machinery components. We are unmatched in our ability to engineer and manufacture total air filtration and acoustic systems to any specification. From harsh deserts, to inner cities, to the most remote arctic regions, AAF has extensive experience in the design and application of air filtration and noise control systems for all environments. Our system capabilities and products for high-performance rotating machinery include: inlet filtration, silencers, acoustical enclosures, evaporative cooling systems, anti-icing systems and structural design to accomodate any limitations in physical layout.

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Air Pollution Control Products & Systems

AAF pioneered many of the technologies now used to control air pollution. Today, AAF pollution control products and systems can be found in thousands of installations in every industrialized country. Our capabilities include complete energy-efficient, packaged units to solve in plant dust control problems and large, complete, custom-engineered systems for major pollution control projects.

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