HEGA Filter Type II

Product Overview

Meets the design and performance criteria of IES-RP-CC-008-84
Primarily used by the nuclear industry
By using multiple Type II cells, any required flow rate can be obtained

Typical Applications


A High Efficiency Gas Adsorber (HEGA) filters gaseous contaminants from an airstream by adsorbing the contaminants. With a properly designed system that includes proper adsorber selection, adsorbent, and residence time, any adsorbable contaminant can be filtered and contained.

To be called a HEGA, the adsorber must exhibit a minimum mechanical efficiency of 99.9% when tested in accordance with the Institute of Environmental Sciences designation, IES-RP-CC-008-84.

Type II Tray Carbon Adsorbers

The Type II adsorber meets the design and performance criteria of IES-RP-CC-008-84, and is primarily used by the nuclear industry. It is designed so that a pair of 2-inch thick parallel beds is separated by an air space. The beds are confined on four sides by stainless steel sheet metal. Three sides form the body of the casing. The fourth side is removable to allow carbon filling and gasket replacement.

By using multiple Type II cells, any required flow rate can be obtained. These adsorbers are usually installed in large built-up banks inside walk-in plenums.

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