VariSorb™ XL SAAF City

Product Overview

Specially designed for urban VOC’s
Standard dimensions
Sturdy construction
Corrosion-free, non-metal construction
Fully incinerable
Integrated prefilter

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings
Data Centers
Food and Beverage
Schools and Universities


VariSorb® XL SAAFCity delivery system consist of filter elements in high impact polystyrene (HIPS) cell sides for assembly in front or rear access standardized universal holding  frames or side-access track systems to fit standard dimension filter sections in air handling units. VariSorb® XL SAAFCity comes factory-ready for installation. No special tools are needed to install or replace the filter element. The individual VariSorb seals and holds in the frame with the latching system or in the track with its header and the track-specific gasket system. Side seals gaskets are supplied upon request.

Filter Elements

VariSorb XL SAAFCity filters are designed for combined particulate and gas-phase removal of medium and low concentrations of gas-phase contamination in urban fresh air and recirculation AHU systems. HIPS cell sides are fitted with pleated packs, comprising micro granulate media embedded between two non-woven synthetic support layers. The air inlet side is provided with a layer of class M5 prefilter media. The pleat packs are arranged in a V-shape to utilize maximum amounts of media for the given face area. Each VariSorb XL SAAFCity is plastic bagged and carton packed.

Spontaneity and Yield

Unlike traditional granular bed chemical filters, the granular microstructure ensures a much higher effective active area per kg of media, resulting in a high spontaneity of reaction. Combined with the dense packing of the microstructure, this creates a tortuous path for the contaminant, resulting in a high yield for the filter. The construction greatly reduces pressure drop, eliminates by-pass and abrasion. The entire VariSorb XL SAAFCity can easily be disposed-off and is fully incinerable. Always follow the local, state or federal regulations for disposal.


VariSorb XL SAAFCity is designed to remove gaseous contaminants from urban environment, both indoor (outgassing from carpets, paint, solvent and detergents) and outdoor sourced (industry and transport). This includes VOC’s, SOx, NOx, Ozone.

Application Guide

VariSorb® XL SAAFCity uniquely combines particulate prefiltration and gaseous filtration in one filter element. Use of prefiltration is essential to avoid dust settling on the chemical media. This ensures optimized lifetime of the chemical filter system without increase of pressure drop.


AAF International will be pleased to offer you a maintenance contract for your chemical filter system. This includes removal of the used elements, cleaning of the installation and installation of new elements. Disposal in accordance with regulations is part of our scope.

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