BioCel® II

Product Overview

E11 classification in accordance with EN1822
Low depth minimizes installation space requirements
Lightweight and easy to install
One-piece gasket

Typical Applications

Food and Beverage

BioCel II filters are designed for installations in which HEPA quality air filtration is required. As a E11 EN1822:2009 classified air filter, the BioCel II filter is ideal for upgrading an existing non-HEPA installation to a HEPA installation.

In new installations, this filter’s low depth means that less installation space is required, which ultimately reduces costs. Compact and lightweight, the BioCel II filter is easy to handle and install. Transport costs are therefore low compared to other bulkier types of filter.

The filter has a one piece gasket with alternatives that include a knife-edge or fluid seal groove. Typical areas of application include clean zones in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic, and healthcare industries. The temperature limit for this filter is 70 ˚C.