AstroCel® VXL

Product Overview

High efficiency to replace 292 mm depth compact filter
Suitable and easy to improve IAQ
Lightweight and easy to install
Fully incinerable

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings
Food and Beverage

The AstroCel VXL filter is a lightweight compact filter designed for use in industrial HVAC installations. Available in the EN1822:2009 classification range E12 and H13, this filter’s rigid design and pleated media pack with hot melt separators ensures that it delivers the desired air quality when used as a final stage filter.


The AstroCel VXL filter’s media is water resistant and can withstand temporary exposure to free moisture in the airstream. When wet, there will be a temporary rise in resistance, which quickly returns to normal as soon as the moisture evaporates.


The header and cell sides provide a sturdy construction that resists damage during shipping, handling and operation. The entire polystyrene construction is fully incinerable and free of halogens.


This filter’s hot melt separators maintain uniform spacing between pleats to allow optimal flow of air throughout the filter. These separators also ensure a large effective media area for low resistance and long service life.

Operating Temperature

BioCel VXL and AstroCel VXL filters can operate at temperatures up to 70 °C.