Universal Holding Frame Latches

Product Overview

Designed to exclusively work with the Universal Holding Frame retaining tab
Latches available for a varity of filters, filter depths and combinations of filters
Galvanized steel to withstand harsh environments
• Double latches allow prefilters to be changed without disturbing the final filter

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings
Data Centers
Firing Ranges
Food and Beverage
Schools and Universities
Surface Finishing

Flexible and Long-Lasting

AAF Flanders’ Universal Latches are available to hold a variety of filters and filter combinations in place to create a positive seal. They are specifically designed for upstream or downstream servicing. Each latch is annealed to music wire specifications after forming, and is commercially zinc-plated to provide years of service under varying environmental conditions. The latches are replaceable and easy to use, requiring only a simple twisting motion to release the filter. Double latches allow prefilters to be changed without disturbing the final filter.

Unique Design

Universal Holding Latches are designed to be used exclusively in combination with AAF Flanders’ Galvanized Universal Holding Frames. UHF’s feature a unique retaining tab to hold the “L” Series latches. “L” Series latches do not connect to, or disturb, the flat sealing flange and gasket surface.

The L-42 and L-44 latches, specifically designed for the VariCel® II filter in combination with a prefilter, offer an additional advantage. The latch can be turned to release the prefilter while maintaining a pressure seal on the higher-efficiency VariCel II filter.