SAAF™ Reactivity Monitoring Coupons (RMC)

Product Overview

Investigative tool to gauge gas-phase filter performance
Ideal for site assessment reports related to air reactivity
Identifies the presence of gas types (sulphur compunds, chlorine compounds, compounds from oxide films, and unknowns)
Quantifies reactivity of environment as per ISA-71.04-2013 and related coupon standards

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings
Data Centers
Food and Beverage
Pulp & Paper
Schools and Universities
Waste Management
Waste Water Treatment

Protecting Your Investment

Corrosion due to air reactivity can have costly consequences. In refining, pulp and paper mills, tire manufacturing, and other process industries, the most significant consequence of electronic equipment corrosion and failure is downtime and lost production. In other industries, corrosion of server components means data center downtime. Transactions stop, software applications for logistics cannot run, and data cannot be stored. For areas using compressors, reactive air can lead to more frequent maintenance schedules, process downtime, and eventually shortened compressor life.

SAAF Reactivity Monitoring Coupons provide information on average air reactivity over 30 days. This data helps clients evaluate area or room conditions in relation to air reactivity, and take any needed action to protect their electronics, equipment, and processes.

Data Interpretation and Reporting

The SAAF Laboratory produces an application-specific report to summarize the data. This report provides photographs of new coupons and the exposed coupons for visual reference. It summarizes the resulting environment classification, total corrosion formed on the coupons during installation, and individual corrosion film information, to differentiate between types of contaminants.

Comparing Data to Applicable Industry Standards

Industry standards exist for the protection of legacy electronics in process control rooms (ISA 71.04-1985), and for ROHS-compliant electronics used in control rooms, data centers, tire manufacturing facilities, and other areas (ASHRAE TC 9.9 Guideline & ISA 71.04-2013). Compressor performance in archives and museums has also been correlated to reactivity monitoring results. Data from SAAFShield Technology can be directly related to these standards to evaluate the condition of spaces housing critical electronics, compressors, or archival materials.

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