AstroSafe® Isolation Dampers

Product Overview

Effective shut-off and isolation of one or more tiers of filters
Cost-effective isolation of filter banks
Many special requirements may be satisfied through custom design

Typical Applications

Data Centers
Waste Water Treatment

Isolation dampers are manufactured for effective shut-off and isolation of one or more tiers of filters in a hazardous-duty containment exhaust system. The bubble-tight isolation dampers are our top-of-the-line dampers. They are used for isolation of a filter or filter bank primarily during the filter change-out process. In a biohazard environment, the dampers enable the air filtration system to be shut off for decontamination or filter changing. Our isolation dampers are specially designed to provide cost-effective isolation of filter banks with high volumes of air.

A variety of sizes and configurations are available for a wide range of air flows. These dampers are available in round, square, and rectangular shaped housings, making them adaptable to most applications.

Our round isolation damper is designed for sealing off and/or controlling airflow in round ducts and pipes. The square isolation damper is designed for use as a single damper in ductwork. Rectangular dampers are grouped in multiple configurations to form a damper bank for any size housing configuration. We guarantee a bubble-tight seal at a differential pressure of 10 inches water gage.

Custom Designs

In addition to standard designs, many special requirements may be satisfied through custom design. Our engineering and manufacturing personnel have comprehensive experience in the production of equipment and filters for containment filtration systems, and will assist you in designing and specifying a configuration that exactly meets your requirements.