AstroPure 450V

Product Overview

Vertical airflow designed complete with three stages of high-performance filters efficiently reduce fine particles, odour,bacteria, and virus
Safe and toolless filters replacements
100% individually leak-free tested
Mobile floor standing unit complete with castor wheels
Built-in pressure ports for monitoring filter pressure drop
PVC terminal box allocated at the side of the housing for easy wiring connection

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings
Schools and Universities

Product Overview

Compact design built for many different applications. AstroPure® 450V is suitable for a wide range of indoor environments, especially hospitals, dental clinics, schools, airports, financial institutions, hotels, shopping malls, etc. This mobile stand-alone floor standing unit is designed for vertical airflow direction. The air inlets (3 sides) are located at the bottom of the unit and the air discharges are at the top (3 sides).

Integrity Tested

AstroPure® 450V is 100% factory leak-free tested with PAO to reduce the risk of cross-contamination to meet the customer’s expectations, performance, quality, and durability over the lifespan of the product.


AstroPure® 450V is designed for a wide application air purifier. It can be used to improve the air quality of the recirculation indoor air by reducing PM2.5, bacteria, and viruses in the building. The slim design is the best fit where space is a great concern.

Due to its compact design AstroPure® 450V is ideal for floor stand and position as a stand-alone supplementary device for IAQ improvement. Highly recommended for a hospital ward, clinic consultant room, and offices.

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