AstroPure 450


Product Overview

Integrated with two of high-performance filters can efficiently remove fine particles, bacteria and virus
Optional add on filter slot for secondary or gas phase filter is available
Built for applications that require optimal airflow and more room air change in a small form factor
Safe and tooless filter replacements
100% individually leak-free tested

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings
Schools and Universities

Product Overview

Compact design built for different applications. AstroPure® 450 is suitable for all kinds of indoor environments, especially for hospitals, dental clinics, schools, airports, financial institutions, hotels, shopping malls, etc. It can be hung on the ceiling for rooms with limited space, inline with existing duct systems or use as a stand-alone device, and more.

Integrity Tested

AstroPure® 450 is 100% leak-free tested to reduce the risk of airborne infection. Each unit is individually tested to meet the customer’s expectations for performance, quality, and durability over the life of the product.


AstroPure® 450 is designed as a multi-application air purifier, it can be used to improve the air quality of the Recirculation air by reducing PM2.5, bacteria, and virus carried by building occupants entering the room. It is also recommended for Negative Pressure rooms to clean exhaust/contaminated air before releasing it to the environment. AstroPure® 450 is also suitable for reducing airborne contamination, ensuring fresh air coming from the environment is free from pollutants. Due to its compact design AstroPure® 450 is ideal for ducted air conditioners. When installed in series with the existing ducted air conditioner it can provide additional fan static, ensuring well distribution of airflow during operation while reducing the risk of airborne infection.

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