AstroHood® S-III RSR-IV

Product Overview

Visually pleasing room side design
Extruded aluminium housing with fully welded corners, providing a leak free constructions
Gel seal for optimum integrity
Tool free filter installation
Prefixed air entry distribution plate
Hygienic designed – no gap between filter and the housing
Multipurpose suspension brackets – can be positioned on any point on housing perimeter
No centre divider – increase filter area and unrestricted airflow uniformity
Patent-pending corner test port allowing excellent airflow uniformity

Typical Applications

Life Sciences

AstroHood® S-III RSR-III HEPA module is room side replaceable HEPA terminal housing. It’s designed to replace HEPA filter without using any tools. Standard and high capacity filters are interchangeable without requiring any adjusting.

All New Robust Construction and Leak Free Design

AstroHood® S-III RSR-IV robust construction and leak free feature is due to the thicker construction material and continuous welding at all corners. AstroHood® S-III RSR-IV comes with multipurpose suspension brackets that can be positioned in any point on the housing perimeter.

Hygienic Design, Tools Free Filter Replacement

AstroHood® S-III RSR-IV has a unique design that eliminates gap between filter and housing and the ceiling after installation. It is designed with tool free filter installation or replacement.

More Media More Airflow, ePTFE Media Available

New patent pending design eliminates the centre divider, which means an increase in filter area, airflow as well as unristricted airflow uniformity. The ePTFE media option saves 50% energy compared to glass fibre. ePTFE also has an exellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength.