AstroFan FFU - AC

Product Overview

Low energy consumption
Backward curved motorized impeller uses minimal electricity
Variable speed controller
Low noise
Sturdy construction

Typical Applications



The AAF AstroFan FFU unit is a self-contained ceiling fan filter unit for use in turbulent mixing and laminar airflow cleanroom areas. The unit is designed for use with the 50 and 55 mm T-Bar ceiling grid. This unit can also be utilized in liquid seal ceiling grid. The unit is lightweight and easy to install.


The AstroFan unit is comprised of a aluminium housing with a high performance, encapsulated, direct driven backward curved fan/motor combination and a replaceable HEPA or ULPA AstroCel® II filter. With a clean filter at full rated airflow, this unit has a single unit SPL (sound pressure level) of 52-56 dB(a) at 1 m of the filter face.

Motors and Controls

This unit is available with traditional highly efficient AC motors, operating with either single phase or 3 phase motors. Controls can be either with a 5-step speed controller or stepless controller.

This execution provides economical solutions for many applications. Utilizing the EC (electrically commutated) system external rotor motors greatly reduces the power consumption of the unit. Consequently, the cooling requirement will also be reduced.

Controls include the electronic commutation unit, standard single unit control, standard RFI suppression and PFC (power factor controller), and computer interface. Two wire twisted cable installations to the bus make installation easy. The main supply is the single phase 230-270V 50/60Hz. AstroCel II filter. The unit is equipped with HEPA filters in Class H13 – U17. All filters are factory scanned to the European Standard to ensure leak-free operation.

The low pressure drop of the AstroCel II filter provides, in combination with the high total static pressure of the fan, a free static pressure of 70-100 Pa at full rated airflow. This static pressure results in extended filter life, and it can be utilized for external use on pre-filters or cooling coils.

Lower Energy Consumption up to 30 – 40%

With the use of energy-saving electronically commutated (EC) external motor and both of the aerodynamic design of the housing as well as the new development of ePTFE low resistance (up to 40%) MegaCel II Filter. The AAF AstroFan EC FFU can contribute to more energy saving which reduce 30-40% energy consumption compare to AC FFU.