AmAir®/C, AmAir®/C+SAAFOxi™

Product Overview

Disposable filter for economical, effective, gas-phase and particulate filtration
Economical solution to many gaseous contaminant problems including odors
Carbon (AmAir®/C)
Blended carbon and chemical (AmAir®/C+ SAAFOxi™)
Odor removal and corrosion control protection
Easy to intsall
Directly interchangeable with standard air filters

Typical Applications

Commercial Buildings
Data Centers
Food and Beverage
Schools and Universities

Odor Control with Particulate Filtration for Improved Indoor Air Quality

The effectiveness of any gas-phase filter corresponds to the density (weight per square foot) of activated carbon contained in the product. AmAir/C, AmAir/C+SAAFOxi, and AmAir/SAAFOxi filters are more effective than other odor control filters because they contain more chemical media, using AAF Flanders’ SAAFWeb™ technology.

The AmAir/SAAFOxi and AmAir/C+SAAFOxi filters contain AAF’s SAAFOxidant™, which is an exclusive formulation of activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate, for the most effective gaseous-contaminant chemisorption available.

Greater gas-phase media density solves your odor problems by removing odor concentrations and providing protection over a longer period of time. The true test of a gas-phase filter is how long it will continue to remove objectionable odors and other gaseous contaminants. AmAir/C, AmAir/C+SAAFOxi, AmAir/SAAFOxi, and AmAir/CP filters deliver fresh air longer.

AmAir/C pleated filters are available in 1″, 2″, or 4″ depths, with increasing levels of carbon density. The filters are interchangeable with conventional particulate filters of the same size. No modifications to current frames or latches are necessary. AmAir/C pleated filters are UL and CAN 4-S111 Classified.

Totally Unitized Construction Offers Superior Strength

AmAir/C, AmAir/C+SAAFOxi, and AmAir/SAAFOxi filters are contained in a frame constructed of high wet-strength, moisture-resistant beverage board. Two mating die-cut boxes are bonded together, forming a double wall around the entire filter. The SAAFWeb media is bonded to the inside of the frame on all four edges to prevent leakage and increase rigidity. A metal retainer is inserted to provide additional support on 2″ thick panel filters.

Each filter is individually sealed in a poly bag to prevent adsorption of random gaseous contaminants prior to installation.

AmAir/C+SAAFOxi Multi-Purpose Blend

AmAir/C+SAAFOxi 50/50-blend filter (granular activated carbon and potassium permanganate) is recommended for applications such as loading docks near air-handling equipment (air intake) and where sulfur, aldehydes, and VOC control is desired.

Economical, Easy Odor Control

No expensive housings or duct work modifications are necessary, and there are no trays to refill or exchange. Simply install the filters the same way as you would standard air filters, and dispose of them when they are no longer effective.

Pleated Filters

AmAir/C pleated panel filters are made with activated carbon; AmAir/SAAFOxi filters are made with AAF Flanders’ proprietary activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate, and AmAir/C+SAAFOxi filters are made with a 50/50 blend of each media. All models are available in 1″, 2″, and 4″ depths, and are interchangeable with conventional particulate filters of the same size. They have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 7 when tested in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2 and are classified in accordance with UL Standard 900.

Simply replace your prefilters with AmAir/C, AmAir/C+SAAFOxi, or AmAir/SAAFOxi pleated panel filters and enjoy gaseous contaminant control and odor removal plus particulate filtration in a single product. No modifications to your current frames or latches are necessary.

Media Pads

AmAir/CP-3 media pads consist of a 1″ thick substrate impregnated with 300 grams of carbon per square foot contained in a fine mesh netting to prevent spilling. Use AmAir/CP-3 pads in combination with particulate filters to add odor removal capability to any filtration system. The carbon pads can be changed independently from other air filters to maximize the service life of each product.

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