AmAir® 500E

Product Overview

The media pack support retainers
Meltblown synthetic pleated media increase dust holding capacity
Premium performance
Contoured pleat design

Typical Applications

Commercial Building
Food MFG

Sturdy Panel Filter

The AmAir 500 filter is a sturdy panel filter that has a high loft glass fibre pleated media with a synthetic layer on the air leaving side. This pleated media is formed and contoured using a mesh support grid. This grid provides consistent pleat shaping and spacing, allowing dust to collect uniformly over the entire surface area of the filter media. This feature ensures a more gradual rise in resistance, a high dust holding capacity, and a long service life.


The mesh support grid also helps retain the media in place and contributes to the overall rigidity of the filter. To ensure a highly reliable and strong construction, this filter media is housed in a sturdy die-cut or metal frame. This filter is ideal for use as a primary filter to prevent dust build-up on coils, fans, and ductwork, or as a prefilter to prolong the service life of higher efficiency filters